The Final Adventure

"Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age."  - Sherlock Holmes

When Sherlock Holmes is approached by the King of Bohemia to save him from a terribly embarrassing situation, Holmes and Watson are drawn into a deep web of intrigue and danger that will bring him face to face with the evil genius -  his secretive and criminal counterpart, Professor Moriarty.

Along the way Holmes and Watson meet the beautiful and mysterious opera diva, Irene Adler, a group of crooks with murderous intent, and more. They face all manner of danger and adventure as this fast-moving plot carries them from 221b Baker Street, London, across Europe in a fast-paced chase to Switzerland and the famous Reichenbach Falls.

Travel with Holmes and Watson on this, their most exciting adventure with it's most extraordinary twists and turns - and the most forbidding of titles.

...quickly now - the game is afoot!